Saturday, September 17, 2022

Royal Guard Collapses Near Queen Elizabeth II’s Coffin

A moment of drama as thousands file past the queen's coffin. A royal guard collapsed while standing beside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. Thankfully, two Scotland Yard officers rush to help the guard. For a moment it appeared that King Charles III was also unsteady on his feet after walking for 40 minutes behind her coffin then standing to attention in the hall. Although the king did not partake in public engagements today, Prince William and Kate Middleton shook hands with well-wishers.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Habitual speeders! Brad Upton at Dry Bar Comedy

Habitual speeders, unite! 
Check out this never before seen clip from Brad Upton's NEW full special, I'm Not Done Yet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Stop it! You’re Not Stupid: How to Easily Learn Difficult Things

As a medical student, I have often been frustrated by learning. Mostly with myself: for procrastinating, getting distracted from studying, not wanting to put in the time to learn difficult things; or with my teachers: for what we've considered lazy, poorly-delivered and uninspiring lectures. And when you have a temperamental attention span like me, it becomes necessary to find ways to make yourself want to put in the time it takes to learn difficult things. 
This is where I break down exactly how I teach myself to learn difficult things (step by step, using an example). I hope it helps anyone else out there who, like me, often feels they're the problem and they're the stupid one. Spoiler alert: we're not 

Friday, June 24, 2022

MARRIED TO THE DEAD 1&2 (New Movie) Destiny Etiko 2022 Nigerian Latest M...

MARRIED TO THE DEAD 1&2 (New Movie) Destiny Etiko 2022 Nigerian Latest Movie 

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Want To Learn How He Started a Coffee Business (With $1,800)?

Narrative Coffee started as a coffee cart in 2015 with just $1,800 invested by venture businessman Maxwell Mooney. Today they have just opened their second brick-and-mortar coffee shop, and are bringing in average revenue of more than $80,000 a month. Watch this video if you want to find out how he grew his coffee business?

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Maxwell was a coffee geek well before opening a coffee shop. As a world-class barista, he’s competed and placed at a number of barista championships, so when he decided to become a business owner, a café was a logical choice. After starting with a coffee cart in 2015, they opened their first full café in Everett in 2017, expanding to a second location in Bellingham earlier this year. 

In this interview, we’ll get Maxwell’s insider insight into starting a coffee shop business. We’ll find out how he made the most of his initial coffee cart investment, and how much it cost to expand that into a brick-and-mortar. That expansion also meant growing the team, and we’ll learn how he attracts and retains skilled baristas, along with his advice on the best marketing approaches to bring in new customers. 

One major ingredient in Narrative Coffee’s success are their foundational systems that help them maintain quality across their coffee shop business. We’ll learn how Maxwell developed these systems, as well as the tools and software he uses to manage workflow across multiple locations. Anyone interested in the coffee industry will learn a lot from this interview! And if you want to hear more insights into owning a coffee shop, check out some of our past owner interviews: 

How to Start A 7-Figure Coffee Business ►

Behind the Scenes of a $24,000 a Month Coffee Shop Business ►

Resources: - Find out more about Narrative Coffee on their website - Our ultimate guide to starting a coffee business - The preferred productivity software of Narrative Coffee and small businesses across the United States - Scheduling, payroll, and HR app for small businesses - Tool for managing your payroll, benefits, and employees

Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:53 How Maxwell Got Into Coffee 1:38 How To Overcome Business Struggles 2:05 Systems and Processes 4:06 Key Things Maxwell Has Learned 5:06 Tips on Starting with a Coffee Cart 6:38 Tricks to Exceptional Customer Experience 7:26 How To Get More Retail Sales 8:41 How To Keep Customers Coming Back 9:41 the Benefits of Your Community 11:31 Let’s Talk Numbers 12:22 The Key To FREE Advertising 13:46 Tips for Beginners on a Budget 14:47 Reaching the Breakeven Point 16:12 The Importance of Systems 16:51 Blitz Time with Maxwell! 19:21 Choosing The Right Merchandise 20:25 How To Keep Employees Happy 21:35 How To Not Lose Efficiency 22:29 Where To Find Quality Suppliers 23:02 Maxwell’s Best Sellers 24:07 The Must-Have SOPs 25:22 Key Software and Tools 26:38 How To Deal with Inflation 27:33 The Benefits of a Tip Pool 28:41 The MUST-HAVE Equipment 29:37 Advice Maxwell Wants You To Know 30:54 What You Can Expect with Profit Margins 31:46 How To Fill The Need 32:55 The Trick to Scaling Smoothly 34:06 Business Owner Struggles 34:43 The Importance of Review 35:54 Time Management Tips 36:41 Advice to Entrepreneurs